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Reducing Animal Testing During Toxicology Testing

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The company seeks to discover and develop new human drugs, a process that involves testing procedures and the use of animals as test specimens. Ethical issues, however, have been raised against the use of animal testing, and indi…

Nowadays, there are many ways to research or assess products like medication, cosmetics, household cleaners, etc. And unfortunately, animal testing is still one of them. It refers to any scientific experiment or set of procedures forcibly done on live animals. Even if such practices are classified as “mild,” they all risk harming living things, causing pain and suffering in the short- and long term. And your essay on animal testing is a great way to stop it, sharing information about the dangers related to this.

According to Humane Society International, dozens of harmful procedures are done on over 115 million animals each year. Many things are wrong with such activity, from ethical issues to inaccuracy in predicting human reactions to products. That’s why raising awareness and further discussing this topic is crucial to hopefully eradicate such procedures, starting with creating an animal testing argumentative essay.

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