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Chapter 1 Gonorrhea is a treatable sexual transmitted disease that is caused by a bacterium called Neisseria gonorrhoeae from Neisseriacae family.  These bacteria are introduced to the human body through sexual intercourse (Barl…

Asthma Disease

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Introduction Asthma is a common respiratory disease that occurs when the air ways of a person are constricted, hence makes it hard for the affected party to breath.  The airways become narrow due to the contraction of the muscle…

Health Sciences and Medicine: Case Study

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What Other Lab Tests Would You Ask to Be Done? Full Blood Count, Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate, Serum Calcium levels, Serum creatinine levels, and Serum Albumin levels What Are Possible Results That You Expect to See? A Full Bl…

Diagnostic and Preventive Care

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Introduction Preventive care refers to care services provided when an individual is symptom free and as such, there are no reason justifying that a person is unhealthy (Becker & Gardner, 2012). In most cases, preventive care …

Health Planning

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Introduction Health planning has changed rapidly over the recent past. There are several significant differences between the current aspects of health planning and the aspects of planning in the past. The modern framework for hea…

The Pathophysiology and Treatment of Sepsis

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Introduction Sepsis, according to consensus definition is the response that host has on a microbiological event that is induced by the presence of virus, fungi or bacteria in the bloodstream (Singer, Deutschman, & Seymour, 20…

Screening of Lung Cancer And UTI

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A screening program is a method used in a population to identify the possibility of the presence of a disease that is yet to be diagnosed in an individual with no signs and symptoms. Screening tests are somehow unusual as they ar…

Transcript of Narrative Medicine and Parallel Chart

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Disease surveillance Diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes Symptoms/ Acute sequellae Comorbidities Therapeutic order drugs interventions Laboratory  and imaging histories Physical exam Effective medical interviews Improve performance Cre…


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