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Five Wishes and Specialty Care

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Part 1


A human being is not capable of holding everything existing in life with their own hands. The five wishes document provides ways for taking control of important things. For taking control of personal health when one is sick. When the medical form is filled out and signed in a proper way by the concern individuals, it is considered as valid under most of the states’ laws (Lazenby at el. 2015). The five wishes enable individuals to choose a person whom they fill may make an important decision on behalf when they are unable to make for themselves.

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State requirements

Georgia is one of the forty-two states where five wishes are used and meet requirements of the states’ law. It meets the technical requirements of Georgian’s statutes and doctors are mandated to honor the Five Wishes by the law. As it is used in the other countries, Five Wishes can be used in Georgian to provide expression of how individuals may want to be treated when they are seriously ill and help them to make important decisions regarding their health (Kelley et al. 2015). A guideline to understand the document is typically provided where individual fills in by checking available boxes, circling a directive or using few sentences for expressions.

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Discussion with parents

I will let my patients know Advance Care Planning belongs to everyone including grandparents, new parents, and individuals with serious or minor illness. Advance Planning Care is a process that focuses at discussing and documenting individual’s preferences and wishes about how they may want to be treated when they fall ill. One of the importance of applying the five wishes document is that it gives patients and their families with an opportunity to make decisions when one is unable to do so because of illness. Five Wishes enables individuals to choose a person whom they trust (five wishes. Org, 2018). Such individuals can make an important decision on their behalf when they are suffering from diseases.


Currently, in our state, it becomes a challenge to access facilities of healthcare medical insurance. The single payer system is a system that will enable people to access medical care especially those who cannot afford medical facilities and bills. The use of electronics medium makes it easier to access medical care in our country.

Part 2

For this journal entry, I had chosen neurology and dementia condition. It is a classic condition experienced by the most elderly group of individuals around the world. Dementia is a disorder that may occur due to old age.  This disorder is typically irreversible, it is degenerative and it causes impairments of memory (Russell, 2014). It is a treatable disease but cannot be eliminated completely. The symptoms for this disorder include; impairment of memory and visual perceptions. Other symptoms include forgetfulness, agitation, anger, and depression, inability to pay attention, improper gaits and difficulties in conducting normal life activities.

Potential Outcomes

The entire of potential outcomes depending on the influence or cause of vascular dementia, dementia ex. Alzheimer or disease of Parkinson. Vascular dementia is a case that may seem to have improved until another stroke appears. Dementia reduces the ability of an individual to sustain physical ability and infections. Alzheimer’s dementia, on the other hand, has no cure or medicine to reduce its process in the human body. In the aspect of pharmacotherapeutic, drugs of Alzheimer may be used for the treatment of dementia. This will help to achieve the improvement that is temporary. Apart from drugs approaches, therapies may be considered as it helps patients to experience behavioral changes (Cohen, 2017). It enables patients in overcoming depression and modifying the environment and different tasks in order to minimize confusions and to provide a sense of independence.


Conclusively, the application of the Five Wishes is important to human life. It enables one’s wishes to be fulfilled even when they are not in the position to say them. All countries and states in the world should follow the same steps as Georgian to provide the best care for patients and their families. Those with conditions such as neurology, the prescribed medicine should be used in accordance with the physician instructions. Apart from using drugs, therapies may be used in patients with such condition in regaining their strengths and capabilities.

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