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Hospice Services

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Hospice is an aspect of care, which aims to offer programs that cater to patients who face life-threatening diseases and their families. It is founded on providing quality services to the clients instead of quantity. Hospice offers personalized services and a team of caregivers to prepare the patients and their families for the coming bereavement (hospicenet , n.p).

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The Hiring In-home help program will be most beneficial in assisting the family to provide care for Ella. It is evident that the Olson family members have packed schedules hence services of a caregiver will come in handy.  The In-home help will monitor Mrs. Olson closely while also running a few errands here and there. Ella chose her husband to be her primary care provider and as seen by Johns juggling in both the Maldonado produce and at Illusion technologies he may have a lot to handle hence the caregiver services are highly needed.

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As seen by the families busy schedules I believe an in-home caregiver is the best choice since the person will offer Ella the needed assistance without the rush or need to attend to other patients. The caregiver will be guiding her through the process of acceptance and encourage her by developing a climate whereby the Ella feels free to share her thoughts.


Palliative care is not offered through Hospice. It is an approach aimed to improve the life of patients and their families facing life-threatening conditions by prevention through early identification and treatment.


Palliative care is a holistic approach used to provide relief to patients with severe life-threatening conditions. It entails early identification, comprehensive continuous assessments and controlling the physical, spiritual and psychosocial problems (Ramanayake, Dilanka, and Premasiri, 2016).  The primary focus of palliative care is to control symptoms, relieve pain and enhance the quality of care for the patients.


Palliative care has numerous advantages to the patients and their families as seen by the reports of those who applied it. The service will support Ella’s family as it assists in the improvement of distressing symptoms, for example, depression, pain, and spiritual distress. Additionally, palliative care offers treatment for emotional and coping problems. It is obvious that the family is undergoing a tough time therefore with the help of the care they can receive counseling, which is essential to assist them to be, strong around Ella by encouraging her and being positive.

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