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Health Essay Writing as a Must-Do Task for Medical Students

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Mental Health Essay: The Role of Essays for Medical Students

Writing on mental health-related topics is both an exciting activity and a great responsibility. Medical school students are often asked to complete such written tasks as essays, term papers, or projects. Mental health essay writing aims to make students think out of the box, propose solutions to issues in the sphere, and demonstrate what they have learned.




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The Significance of Writing Health Essay for Future Doctors

Now, the importance of mental health parity essay writing is huge mainly because it lets students practice solving theoretical issues before getting to patients. This sphere of medicine is very much in demand since over 20% of young people in the US experience issues with their mental well-being at some point in their lives and need professional help.

Here are popular conditions such as depression, panic attacks, PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), etc. The goal of a health essay is to let students become more proficient and shape them into knowledgeable doctors who can help people diagnosed with any of these conditions.

What Is the Most Difficult About Health Essay Writing

So, creating a worthy argumentative essay on mental health isn’t a breeze. There are several factors that cause difficulties.

  • There should be efficient data from medical studies and practice to serve as a basis in your mental health essay writing.
  • A writer should view every fact objectively and take a neutral side, refraining from providing medical recommendations or completing any experiments on mental health.
  • One needs to be theoretically prepared to make up a mental health essay.

Things to Know When Preparing to Write an Essay on Health

In medicine, all spheres are interconnected. So, mental well-being isn’t just a mental topic that can be viewed in isolation. Now, there are a few things to pay extra attention to before writing a broad healthcare essay or one focusing on mental health.

Define what is included in mental health.

When you try to collect sources for your writing, you will realize that the topic is, at the same time, physical and spiritual. It isn’t just about the brain – it has its place in psychology, politics, sociology, etc. Hence, the topic needs to be viewed without stigmatization or overgeneralization.

Consider the directions of mental health essay writing.

It is obvious that a medical viewpoint should be a starting place when thinking about health essay. All your arguments and conclusions have to find evidence in facts and studies acknowledged by international medical authorities. Nothing can be assumed when writing an essay on mental health.

The key to following these two golden rules is being well-read, checking the credibility of sources, and remaining free from emotions in mental health essay writing.

How to Start Writing an Essay on Health Care

Every essay about health is unique, even the one we call a universal health care essay. Anyway, there is a set of recommendations that are to discuss in meaningful mental health essay writing the point fully and adequately.

  • Concentrate on several key fields of mental health.

As we mentioned, it can be a part of many medical fields. There are anatomical and neurobiological aspects, anthropology, genetics, social influences, as well as environmental changes. Still, don’t try to cover it all – choose two or three spheres to limit the scope of your mental health essay writing.

  • Discuss a treatment, behavior, or disease.

These three are the simplest ways to write a successful essay. If your task is to justify one, choose 2-3 valid arguments and support them in your essay on health subsequently. If an argumentative essay on health care still makes you scared, find inspiration in older essays or order samples from expert nursing writers.

  • Relate your health essay writing topic to one of the most relevant spheres.

While it’s nice to read previously written essays and take from the best authors, presenting medical issues from a fresh standpoint is priceless. You might want to show one of the mental health conditions in light of business behavior and the work environment. This will be a worthy contribution to both medicine and business studies.

That is inherently what makes an essay about health care a winning paper. Besides, mind the classical essay structure and sequence your arguments wisely in writing.

Universal Health Care Essay Structure

In most cases, every essay on health care looks the same, with only some differences in how you put evidence and arguments and what model of framing you choose for writing.

health essay

Parts of an essay include:


Announce your topic for mental health essay writing, formulate a thesis, and provide accurate context and background


  • Analyze key arguments
  • Offer valid evidence
  • Present quotes & doctors/scientists (and their literary works or articles) you rely on
  • Include just one main point per one paragraph of the body section for mental essay writing
  • Start writing each paragraph with a topic sentence
  • Follow topic sentences with supportive ones


  • Sum up all the mentioned key points of your mental health essay writing
  • Paraphrase them, but do not include any new information
  • Show how the conclusion can be useful to the medical and mental practice

This structure will make writing an argumentative essay about health care easy and organized, not allowing your train of thought to move beyond what you are going to prove or discuss. Moreover, you can also benefit a lot from our sample database. There are hundreds of quality health and social care essays examples there for helpful insights regarding structure, narrative & formatting.

How to Distribute Information In Essay on Mental Health

Several principles must be followed when placing arguments in a mental essay. Consider the following below.

Start with the simplest arguments and move on to the most complex. Start with widely known facts and claims and include more sphere-specific ones in the next paragraphs.

The background should be offered in the beginning. Write it in the Introduction part if it is a general background for mental health essay writing. For the context specifically for one of your claims, choose the same paragraph of the body part.

mental health essay

Align each new point of mental health essay writing to the thesis. Keep in mind what you include these claims for. Center them around the main sentence you want to prove. In the ideal case, check your drafts of the written paper and see if the points and examples are relevant and speak for the central idea.

Proofreading In Writing an Argumentative Essay about Health Care

Checking the logic of each sentence and part of your mental health essay writing isn’t the only thing to focus on. Proofreading covers all aspects of the text:

  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Spelling
  • Style, etc.

Proofreading is a life-saving skill for a student and can do a lot for a mental health argumentative essay. First, it makes the language clear and concise, freeing it from redundant words and phrases. Next, it can fix silly mistakes such as typos.

Are There Other Structures for Health Essay Writing?

In mental health essay writing, you might be asked to compare two treatments or theories in medicine. This means you should not always follow a traditional essay structure.
Compare and contrast mental health essay writing is structured in a few ways: alternating mode – in each paragraph, you will discuss both subjects within one specific point or criterion; block mode – this method covers each subject one by one. So, first, you are going to present all points about Subject 1. Next, do the same with Subject 2.

Apart from these ways to write about a medical idea, disease, or treatment, there are others, too, such as a problem-solution method. If, after reading this article, you still find yourself in a bug struggle, don’t hesitate to use a proven medical essay writing service, for example, Nursing Paper. This team goes above and beyond to produce useful essays and essay writing for students.


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