Elements your annotated bibliography must include
A well-developed paragraph for each source. Aim for about seven to nine sentences
The complete bibliographic information
That means everything that would be included on the works cited page: author, title, etc.
a brief summary or description of the work
The summary should comprise the bulk of the paragraph. It should explain what the article or source is about and what information is important. It should not have direct quotes.
An evaluation of the source. What makes it a good source?
some indication of how you anticipate using the source
That means your plan of how you’ll incorporate the research into your essay. Are you going to use it as extra support or maybe to show the counterargument? Be specific in how you plan to use it.
For this assignment, you just need to have four of your sources annotated, with three of them being scholarly, peer-reviewed sources. These should be the sources that will be on your works cited page on the essay. For the actual essay, you will not annotate the sources on your works cited page.
four sources (a minimum of eight sources will be required for the final essay)
A fully developed paragraph for each source.
Properly Formatted as well.
50 points total
10 for formatting
It should follow the formatting as accurately as possible
40 for annotations
10 points per source
Each source should have the three required elements: summary, evaluation, and plan of use.

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