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The strategic planning process defines an organization’s strategy, direction, and allocation of resources to pursue that strategy.

As a criminal justice or security organization manager, part of your responsibilities is to onboard new employees. You are tasked with providing a one-page briefing summary highlighting the importance of strategic planning in the organization. This briefing summary will emphasize the key points of why strategic planning is vital to criminal justice and security organizations.


Complete the Worksheet Briefing Summary (on page 2) where you will summarize the key points identifying the importance of strategic planning.

Include the following:

·        A list of the key overall benefits of strategic planning on your organization.

·        A short explanation describing the key benefits of strategic planning and their impact on your organization.

·        A summary and recap highlighting the key benefits that strategic planning brings to your organization.

Submit your assignment.


Complete your responses regarding the importance of Strategic Planning and its application to your organization below:

a.      List the key overall benefits that strategic planning can have on your organization (minimum of 6 points)

ü   Enhanced decision-making process

ü   Improved resource allocation and utilization

ü   Improved adaptation to changing environments and challenges

ü   Improved organizational efficiency and operational effectiveness

ü   Better alignment of the organizational goals and objectives



b.      Provide a short explanation describing the key benefits of strategic planning and their overall impact on your organization (minimum of 150 words)


·        Enhanced decision-making process: In terms of decision-making, strategic planning enables managers to make informed decisions that affect the timely allocation of resources to projects.

·        Improved resource allocation and utilization: Strategic planning enables the organization to enhance strategies it uses in allocating resources to ensure that every project gets the right and timely resources it needs to become successful. Strategic planning in resource allocation allows the organization to reduce the cost of operation while improving operational efficiency through optimized resource allocation.

·        Improved adaptation to changing environments and challenges: The business environment continues to change and strategic planning enables the organization to understand future trends and challenges, which enables them to proactively adapt to the dynamic environment.

·        Improved organizational efficiency and operational effectiveness: Decision-making is a key aspect of management. Strategic planning gives the management a roadmap that allows them to prioritize initiatives and allocate the resources needed to achieve prioritized goals.

·        Better alignment of the organizational goals and objectives: Strategic planning enables the organization to align its goals and objectives with the mission, core values, and vision, which helps to ensure that all the initiatives are focused towards a common purpose.

c.      Summarize and recap the key benefits that strategic planning brings to your organization in this conclusion passage (minimum of 5 sentences)

Strategic planning is critical for criminal justice and security organizations because it ensures that organizations align their goals with the core values and mission, improves decision-making, optimizes resource allocation, and enhances organizational efficiency through adaptation to the changes in the environment (Mathies & Ferland, 2022). Implementing a strategic plan can help the organization realize the above benefits and more. According to Mathies and Ferland (2022), strategic planning ensures that stakeholders are working towards the realization of common goals. Strategic planning enables criminal justice and security organizations to navigate the challenges and complexities in their environment. It also enables an organization to fulfill its mission in a current changing and complex operating environment.


Mathies, C., & Ferland, C. (2022). Institutional Strategic Planning: Aligning Strategy with Mission and Goals. In Organization and Administration in Higher Education (pp. 91-113). Routledge.


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