Assignment 1: Differentiating Financial Statements and Computing Ratios
Please open the attached Module 1 Assignment and complete Module 1 assignment following the same technique, format, and formulas covered by your instructor. All questions and data are provided on the attached template for you. Please be sure to answer all questions as unanswered problems will receive no credit.All weekly homework assignments are to be completed using Microsoft Excel formula function entry or use of a financial calculator only (please always review your instructor’s Zoom Session recordings for each Module for correct format prior to submitting your assignments). All homework assignments contain numeric questions which must be completed using formula and function (fx) entries or financial calculator formula and solution entry in Excel in order to receive credit consideration (note: this means that basic formula solutions will not be graded for credit consideration). Once again, assignments will be completed on a provided template each week that includes input data which you will use to complete your answers. Thus, you will not be inputting (typing in) any numeric data into your assignments, but instead you will be drawing data directly from the spreadsheet for use as data information. Each week, you will be taught new Excel formula functions which you will be required to use during your homework completion. As a result, please be sure to review each of the instructor provided Zoom Homework Session video recordings.
Homework assignments that do not adhere to the previously mentioned requirements will not be graded and will be returned to student for revision. Homework assignment formatting expectations and instructions are provided by your instructor on the Assignment Zoom Videos each week for additional clarity, so be sure to view recordings weekly for ultimate success. Please do not submit homework using any formats outside of Excel as they will not be accepted for credit consideration (this means no scanned documents/ or pictures of hand-written assignments, no Microsoft word completions, no manual typing of information or data into Excel that doesn’t include formula entry, etc.). When using Excel, be sure to save all homework assignments with your name within the filename/path of the document (i.e. Week1Assignment_John Doe). Be sure to turn in your homework assignments on time (each Saturday by 11:59 PM PST). This course ends on a Saturday, thus you are provided a full week for each assignment following our first week). If you are late, you will receive a 20% penalty per day late if submitted after Sundays (work submitted on Sunday receives no late penalty). Only one document should be submitted for your entire weekly assignment (assignment is to be completed on assignment attachment in Weekly Modules). Your instructor expects to see the formulas entered into your documents answers for all questions/problems in order to score full points (in other words, showing only answers and no workings/formulas will receive no credit). If you only list an answer and have not shown formula calculations for each answer, your work will be returned to you for revision. No credit will be given for any unanswered questions. Note: Formula entries are required for credit consideration of all homework assignments. You are encouraged to review the Assignment One Zoom Video for details and guidance prior to submitting your assignment.Grading
This assignment is worth 10 points and due on Saturday. For more specifics on how this will be graded, refer to the rubric below. Assigned Problems:
Financial Statements:
#2-1 (.625 points)
#2-2 (.625 points)
#2-3 (.625 points)
#2-7 (.625 points)
#2-8 (.625 points)
#2-14 (.625 points)
#2-15 (.625 points)
#2-18 (.625 points) Financial Ratios:
#3-1 (.625 points)
#3-2 (.625 points)
#3-5 (.625 points)
#3-6 (.625 points)
#3-7 (.625 points)
#3-8 (.625 points)
#3-20 (.625 points)
#3-21 (.625 points) Attachments

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