Case Study Profile: Jeffrey Dahmer
For this assignment you will need to make a list of objective verifiable facts you learned about your case, a list of facts you learned about the individual’s crime(s), and a list of facts you are missing or could not find, and think could be important. You should be working to build this as you conduct your research.
Section A: Instructions /Criteria List of Facts About Crimes
Make this a bullet point list.  List out all the details you can find about the persons crimes.  Include crimes committed prior to killing if any and note the age of the crime and consequence if any.  Then list and note details of the crime event or events (serial killer).  This should include what they did, weapons used, acts or behaviors as their MO or signature etc. 
Section B: Instructions / Criteria for List of Facts About Case Study Subject
Make this a bullet point list.  Using the information provided in the “building a case study” document list all the facts you have learned about your case study for each of the following areas:
Birth and Parents (who were parents etc)
Childhood experiences
Describe their school experiences
Describe their peers and friends
Describe their dating life
Describe relationships with parents, other family members, siblings etc.
Demographics and social-location during childhood, middle school, teenage and college age
Describe if they got in trouble at school and if so for what types of behaviors
Describe if they had any institutional interventions like arrests, family arrests, child protection etc.
Mental health and physical health history if any
Significant events from birth through when started their violence
Section C: Applicable Theory and Explanations
For this section you will apply the content we are learning in class and concepts from your textbooks. For this section you are to apply the theory proposed in  by Dr. Athens in your textbook to your case study. For this last section you need to clearly assert if you think Dr. Athens theory applies well to your case study, or which aspects apply well, and if other parts of Athens theory do not fit your case study and then support your reasoning. This will be discussed further in class and example will be provided.
What Do You Turn in For Grading?
You will turn in one combined Word document with the following:
Your top page or page 1 will be your Section C. This section should be started with your assertion in 3-5 sentences that states something like:
“The focus of this case study was —(you fill in with yours)—. Dr. Athens theory on violent offenders applies (well, very little, in some parts etc. you state) to this case because …(reason or two). Specifically, the (part of theory) applies or doesn’t because …give a why. However, the part does apply because ….”
Next for Section C you will create an outline of Dr. Athens theory (following how we do in class). Next to each part of the outline you will provide content information you learned in your case study research that pertains to that part of the theory. We will do examples and work on this in class.
Section A which bullet points the key facts aspects of the crime.
Section B which is your outlined list of facts about your case study.
Make sure this is professional in appearance. Types in a Word document using Times New Roman 12-point font. Make sure each section is clearly indicated.
5 or more sources are needed and at least 3 different types of resources are used

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For this assignment you will need to make a l appeared first on assignment in 6hours.

The post Case Study Profile: Jeffrey Dahmer
For this assignment you will need to make a l appeared first on GET HELP WITH PAPERLINQ.


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