1. Choose a research topic related to community services in Australia. This topic should be approved by your teacher.
2. Research your chosen topic (you need a minimum of 5 peer review articles and 2 government documents – report or policy- that relates to how the topic relates to your chosen topic)
3. Critically evaluate the literature and policy documents.
4. Use the attached assignment template.
Marking Rubric:
See the provided rubric for detailed criteria and point allocation.
• Start early and manage your time effectively.
• Seek guidance from your teacher if needed.
• Attend your lectures and tutorials, these are designed to help you through the sections of your assessments.
• The use of generative Al (ChatGpt, Google Gemini etc) will not be allowed in these assessments.
Academic Integrity: Just as community service workers must abide by ACWA ethical guidelines, researchers are expected to behave with academic integrity.
Contract Cheating and plagiarism, including the use of Al generated text will not be tolerated in your assessments. Students suspected of academic misconduct will be reported to the Academic Integrity Officer responsible for their campus. As per the policy, violations may result in disciplinary action ranging from resubmission to expulsion from the program.


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