Points will be deducted if you do the following: (DO NOT USE scholarly sources/peer-reviewed journal article
no article cited or mentioned-If you do
not discuss an article, you have submitted an opinion paper, not an article
no theory/wrong theory mentioned-If no
theory is stated, you have turned in an article summary, not an article
analysis. If you use a theory other than one of the three major theories, you
have not followed the directions for the assignment.
unacceptable article-If you use an article
about theory (scholarly or non-scholarly), you have submitted an article
summary, not an article analysis, and have not followed the assignment
directions. It is also unacceptable to pick an article about the same topic and
use the same theory as one of the provided examples.
stating a theory with no connection to the
article-I have to see that you know how to connect theory with your article.
stating a theory without providing any
explanation of the theory-I have to see that you know what the theory is all
incomplete summary of the article-If there
is not enough information presented about the article, I cannot tell whether
you made the correct connections to theory.
incorrect/incomplete explanation
of/connection to theory-If your given connection between the theory and the
article is incorrect and/or incomplete, I will deduct 10 points. If your given
explanation of theory is incorrect and/or incomplete, I will deduct 10 points.
If the connection and explanation are both incorrect and/or incomplete, I will
deduct 20 points.
does not meet page requirement-If the
analysis is ½ page long or less or if it is 1 ½ pages long or more, I will
deduct 10 points. Learn to be precise and concise in your writing.
incomplete reference; -20 no
reference-You must include the name of article, the name of publication
(website, newspaper, etc.) and the date of publication in your reference. If
your source does not provide all three of the components, you need to look for
another source.
incorrect formatting -Your analysis
should be written using the same format as the examples provided below,
including double spacing, as well as the use of complete sentences and
paragraphs. Your analysis should not have a large heading. Only your name and
the article citation are needed for the heading. Use 1” margins on all sides
and 12-point font size with a font similar to Times New Roman. You should also
use standard letter spacing. 

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