Final Project — Your final assessment allows you to integrate and demonstrate what you have learned in this course. Your paper is required to be 6 to 9 pages in length and should follow the posted guidelines. Be sure to follow accepted research approaches and citation format (APA). You will routinely address advanced communication concepts and applied knowledge for the proposed scenario. Remember that this is a communication course and that every aspect of your paper should be anchored by communication principles and best practices. Please provide 10 or more references and corresponding citations. Include a thesis statement in the first paragraph.
Final Project Scenario: ABC Healthcare, a leading healthcare institution, is facing a significant crisis that demands immediate attention. The crisis involves a widespread outbreak of a drug-resistant infection within the hospital, affecting both patients and healthcare professionals. The outbreak has resulted in multiple fatalities, severe illness, and a heightened risk of further transmission. It has raised serious concerns about patient safety, compromised the hospital’s reputation, and led to increased public scrutiny and potential regulatory intervention.
Project Requirements: To effectively address this crisis, your proposed solution will focus on communication aspects and incorporate insights from at least 10 research sources, encompassing academic articles, industry reports, and case studies. These sources must relate to organizational communication, crisis communication, infection control, healthcare policy, or patient safety. Your project should include the following components: Crisis Analysis, Communication Audit, Stakeholder Engagement, Crisis Communication Plan, Staff Engagement and Support, Reputation Management, Continuous Improvement for ongoing development of communication practices during the crisis. Your Final Project aims to guide ABC Healthcare in effectively managing the crisis, ensuring accurate and timely information flow, restoring stakeholder trust, and fostering a culture of open communication and transparency. By leveraging research-based communication strategies, the proposal aims to mitigate the negative impact of the crisis, enhance patient safety, and support the well-being of both patients and healthcare professionals. Additional guidance is offered in the attachment to this post. Click on the Week 6 Assignment heading to receive the document, Seven Elements for the Development of a Crisis Communication Response.
Closing Time: As we approach the finish line, you must maintain consistent standards of clear and concise writing. There is no question that your career development depends on your ability to communicate in an objective and professional manner. In each one of your DHA courses, strive for excellence in all forms of communication. This will be valuable practice for your next job. Finish strong!
You are required to understand the relationship between citations and references in their role of documenting the source of borrowed material, both in text and the accompanying reference page. Here are four examples of parenthetical citations. As indicated below, citations include the last name of the author(s) and the year of publication. Citations used for attributing direct quotes must include the corresponding page number as indicated in the example below.
One-author citation: (Anderson, 2020)
Two-author citation: (Baker & Campbell, 2016)
Three-author (or more) citation: (Jackson et al., 2021)
Direct quote citation: (Knowles & Carter, 2008, p. 14)
The following is a list of expectations for each of the three essays that you are required to submit for this course. Most of these are mentioned in your course syllabus
1. Essays must be submitted as Word documents.
2. Include a title page with your complete name, the course name, instructor name, due date, and page number. Do not include graphics on the title page.
3. Include a reference page with references from required readings and other sources used in the development of your essay. Use APA style as a guide.
4. Include APA style elements: Times New Roman typeface, 12-point font size, one-inch margins, uniform double spacing between lines, paragraphs, and elements, indenting the first line of every paragraph, paragraphs with three or more sentences, and page numbers.
5. Citations must be included in the essay for all references and sources used in the development of your essay. Citations must conform to APA standards. Examples of correctly formatted parenthetical citations are listed at the top of this Moodle page.
6. Attain the minimum page length for the assignment.
7. Verify that your submission has not exceeded a Turnitin matching rate of 30 8. Proofread your essay for grammar, punctuation, and spelling to attain a doctoral level of writing. This professor evaluates essays with and strongly encourages its use.
9. This course prohibits the use of bullets, numbered lists, and outlines.
10. Review your Moodle assignment instructions for any additional expectations and details.

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