Complete 3 Clinical Journal 

Directions: Each clinical journal should address the following five points: Clinical journals should be typed and include a title page with your name and the date of the clinical experience. Formatting should adhere to 7th edition APA guidelines including Times new Roman, 12-point font, double spacing, and citations/references if needed (although not required).Each clinical journal should demonstrate reflection, be written clearly and without spelling or grammatical errors. Journals should be at least 2 pages in length.  

Backstory : My clinical sitting was at a children hospital. I’m also, an employee there as well. My clinical preceptor is the children hospital Nursing Practice Coordinator/ Quality Improvement Coordinator.  So, she reeducate team nurses, educate onbroading nurses, rewrite policies with the help from other coordinators, and attendings of the children hospital. 

  1. What primary issues did your preceptor deal with today? Provide just enough detail so that course faculty can understand the situation without breaching confidentiality.
  2. What kinds of data were used in the decision-making process?
  3. What positive leadership skills did you observe in your preceptor?
  4. Would you have handled the issues identified in the first question in the same manner your preceptor did, or would you have done things differently in a similar situation? State specifically what you would have done differently.
  5. What did you learn or assess about your own leadership abilities today? In other words, what leadership abilities did you recognize or in yourself that you appreciate? And in what ways would you like to improve?

Clinical Journal 1 Topic: Rewriting Blood Administer Policy ( Back story, nurses would run into issues with  resident or attendings not wanting to putting in the rate for the blood transfusion. Also, EPIC had a very high rate for blood transfusion for pediatric therefore nurses had confusing on how slow or fast the blood should go because there wasn’t an policy in place that stated that the doctor had to put in the order rate instead of the number of units of blood that the patient needs. There’s my preceptor and her co-worker rewrote the blood administer policy, along with pediatric doctors and research about pediatric blood administer. After research, the team spoke with EPIC to change the rates that’s in the orders. 

Clinical Journal 2 Topic: Reeducating Nurses on Chest tubes 

Clinical Journal 3 Topic : Creating Algorithm for the new Children Hospital Rehabilitation Unit ( for patients that may have diabetes,  in and out catheterization ) So since the rehabilitation flood is new. My preceptor and the attendings  got together to create algorithms for different complication a patient may have. Basically the algorithm would tell the nurse what in do next . For example, if a patient has a blood sugar greater than 240, the nurse would need to notify the resident or attending, check for ketones, give insulin. 


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