Part 1
In this course you will take on the role of a business consultant to help a company solve a problem or capitalize on an opportunity. The first step is to select the company you will use for your assignments.
Preview the instructions for the assignments in Weeks 3, 6, and 9 in the course guide. This will help you as you make your company selection.
Think of a company you would like to work for or a company in an industry that interests you. You may select a publicly traded company, a small business, a non-profit, or a local or federal government entity. (Note: You may not select: Amazon, Google, Apple, Netflix, Target, Walmart, Disney or Microsoft) If you need an exception, contact your instructor. If you choose a local/small business, much of the data you need to gather will come from interviews either in person, by email, or over the phone.
Introduce yourself to your classmates and share some of the knowledge and skills from your business program journey that you could leverage in your role as a business consultant. (Note: Think about the S-Curve for businesses and the importance of innovation and adaptation to change.)
Identify the company you have selected. When were they founded?
What is the mission and vision of the company? What do they do, and who do they serve? What industry does the company serve? (Be concise)
Why did you choose this company?
Research Resources:
Business Source Ultimate Database
These are tutorials/guides to help you efficiently use the Business Source Ultimate database.
Company, Industry, and Market Research using Business Source UltimateLinks to an external site. (this resource will provide custom guidance for your research in this assignment)
Business Source Ultimate Library Guide
Library of Congress Research GuidesLinks to an external site.
Part 2 Provide a substantive response to one or more of your classmates. You are encouraged to ask questions to help each other in refining this part of your assignment. (Brandy P.)
Hello everyone,
I am Brandy Pratt, and I am excited to share the knowledge and skills I have gained during my business program journey, which can be effectively used as a business consultant. I have taken courses in Operations Management and Small Business Management throughout my studies. These courses have given me a strong foundation in managing business processes, optimizing resources, and understanding the dynamics of small businesses. This enables me to analyze business operations, identify inefficiencies, and implement strategic improvements to drive growth and sustainability.
I have chosen Baltimore Medical System, INC (BMS) as the focus of my consultancy. Established in 1984, the Baltimore City Health Department asked Baltimore Medical System to take over the management of four existing Health Department clinics in East Baltimore. BMS has a rich history of community service (Baltimore Medical System, INC, 2).
BMS’s mission is to enhance health, wellness, and the quality of life in its communities by providing safe, high-quality, accessible, and affordable healthcare (Baltimore Medical System, INC, 1). The vision of BMS is to be the preferred healthcare provider for patients, the desired employer for dedicated staff, and the preferred partner for public and private initiatives. As a non-profit Federally Qualified Health Center, BMS serves underserved communities, ensuring they receive essential healthcare services (Baltimore Medical System, INC, 1).
I have chosen this company because I have previously worked for BMS and have witnessed firsthand the crucial role they play in offering healthcare to communities that might otherwise go without. As a consultant, I aim to assist BMS in addressing staffing issues and enhancing organizational efficiency, allowing them to continue their essential work. By applying my knowledge in operations management and business strategies, I aim to cultivate innovation and adaptability within BMS, ensuring that they remain robust and capable of meeting the ever-evolving healthcare needs of their communities.
I am eager to learn from each of you and collaborate on our journey to becoming effective business consultants.
1) Baltimore Medical System, INC. No date. About Baltimore Medical System. to an external site..
2) Baltimore Medical System, INC. No date. Decades of Making a Difference in Baltimore. to an external site..
Thank you,
Brandy Pratt

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