Assignment Task

Learning Outcomes

1. Develop a project proposal outlining a business plan for an in-depth investigation of a contemporary organisational challenge.

2. Analyse and interpret secondary data gathered from a range of sources, to assist in defining and refining the contemporary issue.

3. Apply theories, concepts and tools to the challenge faced by the organisation or industry.

4. Develop strategies based on the results of analysis of data considering stakeholder objectives and constraints, such as competitive pressures and regulation that demonstrate respect for ethics and diversity.

5. Develop insights into theory, research practice and challenges of leadership by assessing the significance of recommendations relative to the dynamic and complex nature of organisations in uncertain environments.

Project Proposal – Overview

This assessment aims to begin the planning process and to encourage creative thinking in developing and designing the final project report.

There will be an opportunity for the student to gain important feedback regarding the selected project which will eventually form part of the major assessment.

The project proposal is made up of an individual written report outlining the intended project It is important that you begin the process of selecting a project early. Once a project is selected, the writing the proposal may be undertaken.

The written proposal should contain secondary data (e.g. academic literature, business reports, industry journals etc.) which highlight and complement the selected project topic

Progress Report – Details

The progress report will provide evidence that the student is progressing towards the completion of the project. Such evidence will consist of an updated schedule and discussion of issues arising from the project.

The progress report must demonstrate either a favourable comparison between original plan and actual progress OR justify why the plan has not been achieved and include evidence showing how the project will be completed by the due date.

Individual Presentation- Details

Business Project Final Report- Details

The purpose of this assessment is for students to demonstrate their capacity to identify a business issue, undertake quality secondary research to uncover both external and internal influences via relevant theory learned in prior units and then provide concise recommendations to address the issue.

Students must apply relevant theories and concepts to their report. Focus should be on selection of relevant theories, concepts and constructs and how these can be integrated to work for the chosen topic.

Business Project Final Report- Details (cont)

Feedback from the business proposal should be considered when developing this report as it is expected that the direction recommended in this earlier document will be translated into firm strategies and recommendations in the final report. Whilst many items in the proposal are expected to be discussed in the final report, students may find themselves discarding others due to further insights being uncovered as their research and analysis continues. If this is the case, the report must include reasons why any items were/were not progressed through to the final plan.


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