Making a Positive Impact
Throughout this course, we’ve debated a number of controversial issues related to the impact of emerging technologies on society, doing so by looking at these issues through the lens of the ethical theories described in Chapter 2 of our textbook and our Week 2 lesson and activities.
As we’ve debated these issues, you’ve had an opportunity to think through your attitudes toward these technologies, as well as to consider the merits of the workable (and unworkable) ethical theories and get a sense of where you stand on the issues and why.
Let’s use this final discussion of the session as an opportunity to express and share our ethical views on technology from a 30,000 foot perspective.
For your initial post, please respond to all three of the following questions:
Of the workable ethical theories, including Kantianism, utilitarianism, social contract theory, and virtue ethics, which one speaks to you most closely? Explain why.
With regard to the progress of technology, people often resort to sayings like “you can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube” or “the horse is already out of the barn,” meaning we can’t go back to the way things used to be, and we can’t stop progress. Do you agree with that premise? Do we just have to get used to “the new normal”? Even if we could rewind the clock, would you really want to? Explain!
Do you feel we as individuals have a role and responsibility in how technology influences people and places? What can you do, at the individual level, at work, home, and school, to use technology in a positive fashion, and have a positive impact on society, if only in a small way? Are there ways you can collaborate with others in your communities where you live, work and engage to have a greater positive impact? 

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