Please answer ALL of the following questions and answer ALLparts of each question.  The answers must be completely in your own words and you must make specific references to the material in the modules. You should consider including direct quotes from the module material in your answers. Failure to do so will result in a low grade. 
1.) Plato and Hobbes both have some strong criticisms of democracy and of humanity. Citing material found in the videos, what do you think about what they both had to say about the flaws in democracy and the flaws in society?  What are some things happening in our society that support what Plato and Hobbes had to say AND what are some things that might contradict their arguments? Explain your answer. 
2.)  One of the pages of the module discussed what a democracy is.  As mentioned on that page, the US has a representative form of democracy where we elect people who then make decisions on different political topics.  However, seeing as how many people do not like, or trust, the people who are in Congress, some have wondered whether our government would be improved if we replaced our typical elections with a lottery system in which people were randomly selected to serve in government.  Please read this article ( (which can be found in a page of the week 1 module) and then answer the following questions. You need to make specific references to the article and you should consider including quotes from the article to support your answers. 
a.) What do you think about the lottery system idea presented in the article above and do you think there are more pros or cons to this idea?  
b.) Do you think our political system would be improved if we hypothetically implemented this lottery idea?  And, do you think YOU would like to serve in Congress if you were selected by the lottery? 
3.) For this question, you will need to refer to the module pages on the 4 major political ideologies. Please answer each of the following questions:
a.) What did you learn about democratic socialism and what do you think about this ideology? In your answer, please make specific references to the articles you were asked to read by Meagan Day ( and Neal Meyer ( You should consider including quotes from each of those arti
cles in your answer. 
Democratic Socialism has been somewhat popular in recent years as evidenced by the relative popularity of politicians like Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Elizabeth Warren. Why do you think this ideology seems to be popular right now and why does it seem to be particularly popular with younger people?

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