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Compare and contrast the advantages of an APN entrepreneur and an APN intrapreneur. What are the challenges/ barriers to these 2 business models? Which would you prefer and why?
An APN in intrapreneurship is an APN within an already established company (Tracy et al., 2022). Think of intra as within. This APN searches for solutions for health and wellness, while looking for ways to advance subjects from its origin (Tracy et al., 2022). To me, this is considered teamwork. There is the power of working together. This type of APN helps with developing new ideas from within an already formed organization, making it easier to interpret research and evidence (Tracy et al., 2022). Some people work better together, thriving and growing in the company. Intrapreneurship has 80% more success rate than entrepreneurship (Huang et al., 2021). The downside of intrapreneurship is that the organization manages and makes decisions which may be run by other employees or departments (Tracy et al., 2022). Ultimately you’re working under somebody and sometimes your opinions or suggestions may not come to surface. 
An APN entrepreneur can be described as a freelancer (Tracy et al., 2022). This reminds me of myself as I’m unable to work a staff position at a regular/routine schedule. I like to work other jobs and projects around my own, personal schedule. I literally feel uncomfortable to even commit to several weeks in advance for work. I’m not sure exactly why that is. I remember even from my first job how much I disliked having to abide by someone else’s schedule. This APN is able to work on a schedule that works well for them, choose a population that is meaningful to them, and set their own hours, rules, and regulations (Tracy et al., 2022). 
A study in Jordan was conducted indicating that entrepreneurship is difficult as many startup companies are on the rise (Alawamleh et al., 2023). The concern that is talked about is not only starting a business challenging but then you have to manage it on your own, while being self-employed (Alawamleh et al., 2023). My way of thinking is if you give me a challenge, then I will find the solution. Challenges include competing in Jordan (Alawamleh et al., 2023). It’s important to keep in mind the goals that you want to accomplish. Never stop asking questions and figure it out. There will always be competition. Learn to work through it. The competition can give you ideas as well. 
Just as I can’t commit to a routine schedule, I also cannot commit between these two choices. Haha. I believe that they both have good in them. I wish to one day be able to work with a team that I am confident in and comfortable with as well as have my own entrepreneurship. 

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The post “Exploring the Advantages and Challenges of APN Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship: A Personal Perspective” appeared first on GET HELP WITH PAPERLINQ.


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