In this assignment you will choose a public company OR a non-profit organization (501c3) that publishes some version of an annual report – either a “10-K wrap,” a “glossy annual report,” a “glossy” annual report on a website or an ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) report. You will ALSO look at that company’s/organization’s social media.
Using memo format, write a memo addressed to me (Prof. Raichek). Your memo should use .8 or 1″ margins, single spaced except where double spacing is required by the format. Please use full and complete sentences. Remember to include the “statement of purpose” for the memo, subtitles for each topic you discuss and a summary/conclusion. Your memo should be (min) 2 – (max) 3 pages long. No need to submit more than 3 pages!
Part I – Annual Report
Respond to the questions below. You MUST choose something OTHER THAN a plain 10-K. Support points with specifics. Identify the company/organization whose report you have chosen AND the kind of report you reviewed (“10-K Wrap,” “glossy annual report,” ESG Report, etc.)
How does this report use visuals to keep attention?
How effective is the letter from the CEO (if present)? If no CEO letter, how does the company communicate key highlights from the past year?
How does the report present number-heavy information? Does it rely mainly on tables and graphs? Does it provide prose (text) summaries?
Is the writing easy to understand? How would you describe the writing style? (formal, informal)
Do you see places where negative information is given a positive spin?
Overall, how well-presented is the information in this report?
Part 2 – Social Media Analysis
Most successful companies and organizations actively utilize social media today. Using the same company or non-profit (501c3) organization you used for Part I, analyze how this organization uses social media. Examine two of the company’s social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok) and respond to the following questions:
What are this company’s/organization’s objectives and rhetorical purposes for using social media?
(How does the company or organization use social media for marketing and brand building, advertising and promotions, customer relations and engagement, and/or other purposes?) What values does the company or organization strive to project? Does the company/organization post different content to different platforms? If yes, describe the differences. Overall, how effectively is social media used?
NOTE: “Effectiveness” should be determined by an actual measurement:
Please provide some specific numerical measures to quantify the effectiveness of the social media produced by the company you analyzed. These two articles (attached below) will guide you, by giving you an idea of some of the goals of social media use and how companies measure effectiveness.…

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