Legal Issues in health Care. Regulaton and compllance
Wk 2 Summative Assessment: Standards of Care Presentation [ Due Monday ]
Exam Content
Health care managers need to be able to evaluate standards of care and potential liability for health care professionals and
organizations. As a health care manager, you have been asked to prepare a presentation to deliver to new hires at the new-hire
orientation. Your presentation needs to cover the importance of being an accountable individual for standards of care in a health
care organization.
Review the Example and Extra Help:
Fa Week 2–Individual Presentation Assignment Example and Extra Help.ppex
Assessment Deliverable
Create a 12-to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation in which you convey the importance of accountability and
liability implications for individuals and organizations in the health care industry. Do the following in your presentation:
• Evaluate standards of care and potential liability for health care professionals and organizations.
• Evaluate the status of provider rights and responsibilities in the delivery of health care.
• Evaluate the state and federal statutory and regulatory enactments relative to patient rights and responsibilities.
• Evaluate various forms of health care fraud.
• Identify civil and criminal penalties associated with the chosen fraudulent activities.
Presentation Formatting Guidelines
Include the following in your presentation:
• Title slide
• Introduction slide
• Conclusion slide
• References slide
• Detailed speaker notes are required for each slide’s content (except for the title slide and reference slide)
• Speaker notes should consist of a minimum of 3-5 sentences on each slide. “Detailed” speaker notes
provide the content information to which you are speaking for each slide. Please do not put one
sentence as that is not considered “detalled”.
• Detailed speaker notes should provide fact-based information, which has been researched. Research.
requires an in-text citation to give credit to your source per APA.
Citation and References Formatting Guidelines
Cite 3 peer-reviewed, scholarly, or similar references to support your presentation.
Format your citations and references according to APA guidelines. (See the link below: Reference ond Citation Generotor)
Please note– PDF is not on occeptable form of assignment submission. Be sure to submit your assignment os o PowerPoint Slide


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