Part 1.  
Session 01 Discussion Forum (B)
Watch the two videos below and summarize key points in each. Use one paragraph for each video. Then write a third paragraph describing whether or not you agree with the video content and why.  Support your viewpoint with Scripture and other resources as necessary.
Part 2. 
Session 01 Assignment (A)
Reading: Veith, articles on Vocation
Answer assigned questions on the two (only two) Veith articles: (I have provided both pdf)
God at Work
Masks of God
God at Work
1. Which Christians have callings from God? 
2. How does God work in His spiritual kingdom? 
3. How does He work in His earthly kingdom? 
4. Who works through us to bless others? 
5. What four callings does Luther identify? 
6. How do we serve God?
7. In 50 – 100 words, briefly describe a time when you served God.
Masks of God 
1. Who is beneath the masks of our ordinary vocations? 
2. Who does not need our good works? Who does? 
3. What makes a work truly good? 
4. Who is underneath the mask of our neighbor? 
5. When we serve our neighbor who do we end up serving? 
6. In 50 – 100 words, briefly describe a time when a neighbor served you.
part 3.  
Session 01 Assignment (B)
Create a test on Lovin, Preface and Part 1.
source: Lovin, R.W. (2011). An Introduction to Christian Ethics: Goals, Duties,
and Virtues. Nashville, TN: Abingdon Press.
8 multiple choice questions (4 options of answers)
1 insightful short essay question (and answer)
*Be sure to bold your answers to the multiple choice questions and include the page # it is found.

The post Part 1: Discussion Forum (B)

Video 1: “Christian Ethics: An Introduction”
In this video, Dr. David Jones discusses the definition and importance of Christian ethics. He explains that Christian ethics is the study of how to appeared first on around the clock essays.


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