You’ve all been working away piece-by-piece on your policy briefs. Now, you need to pull it together for the first draft. Only one person from your group needs to turn in draft 1 for it to count for your group.
You’ll also complete peer reviews of other a draft from a different group the following week.
What to do: Review the instructions for this week’s assignment.
Pull together your group’s research into a first draft of your policy brief
Critically review other brief drafts
Write and turn in the first draft of your policy brief. Bring together the strongest arguments and evidence from what your group has compiled.
You can check your work against the rubric.
What to Include
Be sure to:
Specify the scope (1 pt)
Describe existing or proposed policy (1 pt)
Strengths v. Weaknesses (1 pt)
Action Items (1 pt)
Use of data to support assertions (3 pts)
At least one page. It is OK if it’s longer than 2 pages, it is better to cut content down than to add it in at the last minute (1 pt)
Use of an appropriate font (Calibri, Arial, or Times New Roman) and font size (12 for headings/ 11 for body) (1 pt)
APA 6 or AMA style citations (use of reference managers like Zotero is recommended) (1 pt)
Academic Integrity
Getting help on the assignment is permitted.
Collaborating, or completing the assignment with others, is required.
Copying or reusing previous work is not permitted.
Open-book research for the assignment is permitted and encouraged.
Full citation (in AMA or APA format) of sources required. 

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