Wk 3 Summative Assessment: Facility Compliance Report
Exam Content
As the official project lead, you will use your skills in facility compliance to continue planning your facility. The legal team already
knows about HIPAA, human resources, and medical malpractice liability, but has asked you to analyze legal and regulatory issues
in health care facility design that may affect the facility design planning process.
of your facility.
Using the University Library, CMS.gov, or Google Scholar, research the legal and regulatory requirements that will impact the design
Assessment Deliverables
Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word APA formatted report about your facility.
Include the following in your report:
PART 1-Briefly restate your chosen facility type and location.
PART 2- Provide an overview of EACH of the following types of compliance requirements:
• Federal requirements, including ADA OSHA, CMS, etc.
• State zoning codes for your chosen location, as applicable
• State certificate of need (CON) requirements, as applicable
• Local zoning codes specific to your chosen location
• Facility credentialing opportunities, such as The Joint Commission
PART 3- Choose three of the compliance requirements above in the overview for a separate discussion and evaluate the
impact of compliance in your facility plan
In your report, address cultural competence. NOTE this is a separate focused content topic and needs to be a separate
from the overview. Do not mix in Part 2 – it is not one of the compliance requirements.
Format your paper, citations, and a minimum of 2 references according to APA guidelines.
Submit your assessment.


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