the first step is to select a target company. Your selection must be a firm that operates in only one industry (e.g., Target Stores) or in just a couple of highly related industries (e.g., UPS). You must have access to good information about the firm, therefore it is highly recommended that you choose a publicly traded company. I have posted a list of WSJ’s ‘Best Managed Companies’ under Announcements on your D2L home page. Please feel free to select a company from that list, if you choose to. Once you agree on the company, please email me your company choice (on D2L email) and send it to me by the deadline on May 27.
Full Report (Due date:)
You will write a thorough company analysis, which will include four parts.
Part 1. Executive Summary and Introduction: This part should start with an executive summary (1/2 page; a brief summary of your full report) followed by an introduction (1-1.5 pages; this part should specify the main problems that you as the expert have identified with the company. You should provide a brief company background as well).
Part 2. External Analysis (3-4 pages): Conduct an analysis of your target firm’s business environment and industry, following the content provided in the text, especially Chapter 3, and other materials in the course.
Part 3. Internal Analysis (3-4 pages): First, conduct an analysis of your target firm, following the content provided in the text, especially Chapter 4, other course materials, and resources available through your school’s library. This includes: 1) reviewing its financial condition through an analysis of the firm’s financial statements during the last 3-4 years and comparing it to two or three direct rivals using ratio analysis, and 2) reviewing its market condition through an analysis of the firm’s competitive standing relative to its most significant competitors. Compare and contrast the strategic characteristics of your target firm with those of two of its key competitors.
Part 4. Recommendations (3-4 pages):
Assess your target firm’s current business strategies and competitive advantages by examining its internal characteristics, industry context, and competition. Utilize information from the provided content, particularly in Chapters 5, 6, and 10 along with other relevant aspects covered in the course.
Propose three alternative strategic recommendations for your company based on your analysis. Treat these recommendations as high-level strategic options for the firm. Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of each alternative strategy, and based on this assessment, select the most viable strategy.
Finally, outline the implementation steps for the chosen strategy, providing a brief explanation of each step. This comprehensive approach ensures a thorough review of the current state, exploration of alternative paths, and a well-founded decision on the most suitable strategic direction, followed by a clear plan for implementation.
Guidelines. Double spaced, Times New Roman, Font 12. Strengthening aspects in your report:

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