Genre: Essay
Audience: Stakeholders (those affected by___ or with the power to do something about it)
Purpose: To persuade stakeholders to see the merit in your argument.
For this paper, you will identify an issue/question you would like to raise, consider an argument closely
related to that issue, and develop an argumentative stance that clearly places you on one side of the
debate. You may select from the following debates:
-Abortion and whether or not access should be limited to victims of rape and non-viable pregnancies.
-Transgender athletes and whether or not they should be allowed to compete in sports as their identified
-Beyonce and whether or not she is an appropriate representation of feminism.
Artists and Social media influencers with large platforms and whether or not they should feel responsible
for their content and its influence on their fans and followers.
You will construct a convincing argument that considers various points of view and counter arguments
on some topic closely related to the themes of this course. A convincing argument is one that presents a
strong stance, considers opposing arguments, backs up your arguments with research, and presents
some form of a solution for the issue. Consider multiple sources including: scholarly articles, news
outlets, related texts, documentaries, and interviews.
A successful writing project 3 will:
● Have an argumentative stance that clearly illustrates your argument
● Use evidence to support your claims (Four Sources)
● Consider counter arguments against your claims
● Follow MLA citation and formatting guidelines
Format Requirements
-Times New Roman font, 12 pt.
-1” margins

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