This assignment is to get you feeling and thinking like an infant. From what I know and from what you will read infants and toddlers are hands-on and use all their senses to investigate the world around them. These senses are vital to their ability to learn in all domains. As their senses develop they become more capable individuals. Through their senses they are able to form opinions and learn how things work such as gravity, they learn how to use their voice, and the beginning patterns of speech are practiced, physically they are learning how their body works in space by turning over, crawling, and transference which all support the pre-literacy development. Trust is a psychosocial stage that Erickson discusses in his theory of Psychosocial Development. These developmental milestones are present very early and can be observed. There are many more milestones you will become aware of in your reading too. This assignment is to take you back in time and help you remember what you did as an infant as you developed through this stage. Use the guidelines provided to give you a refresher as to what it was like to be an infant. Be reflective and use this assignment to help you understand the many milestones of an infant. To be successful:
Complete the experiment according to the guidelines provided Submit your written reflection
Guideline for Experiment and Reflection:
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A. Hatfield
What You See Experiment
This experiment is to get you thinking from the view of an infant/ toddler. Below is a list of positions
that you are to spend at least 2-3 minutes each in. As you are in the positions I want you to be
conscious of what you see, hear, feel, the range of motion/ reach in each position. When you are done I
want you to do a written reaction on how this activity made you feel and think. (What went through
your head, what were your feelings, what was within your site range, what did you hear, how and what
did you feel.) Relate these feelings and thoughts to the reading in the book from the first four chapters.
Compare your experience to what a normal/ typical child would feel and think as they are growing and
developing into each of these developmental milestone stages. Relate it back to all three domains of
development. Reference text book pages to support your writings.
Experimental Positions:
A) Lying face up on back
B) Lie on your side
C) Roll over and lay on your tummy
D) Crawling position (hands and knees) and crawl around a bit (if your knees can handle it)
E) Kneel on both knees so you are now up right as to simulate a toddler/preschooler walking
Reaction Write-up Due by end of week

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