To Whom It May Concern:
I falsified employment documentation for a car loan at Nissan of Irving. I was instructed to do so by the management because car sales were down. At the time, the person in charge was [Name]. The customer attempted to return the car due to issues, but we avoided processing the return and canceling the loan. We made excuses, despite knowing about the 30-day return policy and lemon law. We were aware of problems with the car’s motor and transmission, yet we coerced the customer into keeping it. Eventually, the client was forced to get another car loan. If you review her record, you will see that she has paid off all her other loans, but the repo status remains due to our actions at Nissan of Irving. We falsified documentation to secure her initial car loan, taking advantage of her unemployment to make a profit. This has led to her paying for our misconduct. She should have been provided with another car, but the management refused, claiming the car was no longer their concern as long as she kept it past 30 days. In doing so, we all secured a $3000 bonus, exploiting her as a victim of the lemon law and false documentation to benefit financially.
instruction explain why the repo should be removed . 
Explain how the company benefited from money gain by not taking the carre back knowing that it was bad 
explain how nissian of irving went out of business and how they sold many cars knowing that there was major issues 
explain how the law on leman and reporting a loan when the employment was false and explain how to gain a 4000 down payment the company and mangement falseflied doumentation 
and how nissian should have check the employment and check stubs and how selling the client the bad car nissan gain and nissan of irving game money and has now demage the customer credit 
address the letter to the credit brueus and Nissan Motor Acceptance 
P.o Box 660366 
Dallas tx 75266 

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