You are tasked with writing a report, analysing the services marketing approach for ONE of the following brands: Vueling, Caffe Nero, Apple TV or ASOS . The report should be laid out as follows:
Part 1: Introduction (Approx 200 words)
This section should introduce the brand and key information such as annual turnover, number of employees, customer reach, segments serviced, competitors, etc.
Part 2: Define and explain the concept of services marketing as it applies to the company you have chosen. (Approx 400 words)
As well as how a definition of services marketing applies to your chosen brand, this should consider, with support from a range of sources and examples from the services offered by the chosen company, which of the 4 categories of services (people, possession, mental stimulus or information processing) predominates for your choice of brand. Part 3: Critique how the company deploys the extended services mix (People, Processes and Physical Evidence) to address the challenges of services marketing. (1500 words)
This section should demonstrate a knowledge of the service marketing challenges (e.g. Intangibility, Perishability, Variability, Inseparability and Non Ownership) facing the brand you have chosen and identify how the company uses the extended marketing mix (People, Processes and Physical Evidence) to offset these challenges. Provide specific examples and reference academic literature in support of your discussion.
Part 4: Using the GAPS model, identify, with clear support and justification, 3 areas in which the company could improve its service offering (900 words) This section could be based on feedback and reviews that you have read or it could be informed by your own service encounters with the brand. Academic literature should be used to support your discussion.
This section could include a table containing the areas of the extended marketing mix that you did not have word count for in Part 3. NOTE: If using this approach, please ensure that you reference the appropriate appendix from within Part 3.
Figures and diagrams relevant to your discussion are better placed within the report (See additional guidance below).
Your bibliography should be listed alphabetically by source and conform to the university’s citation guidelines. Try to incorporate a range of sources to demonstrate wide reading around the topic. Specific sources, such as the website for the company you are analysing, should be included. 

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