Part 1: View the video “Ghost in the Genes” by using the following link: Ghost in the Genes. Write an essay that answers the questions listed below. 
What is epigenetics?
What is the relationship between DNA and epigenetics?
Why is epigenetics important?
Have you heard of epigenetics before watching this video?
What is your personal reaction to the video?
This assignment must meet the following criteria:
Minimum word count: 400 words
APA format
Works Cited page
Part 2: Provide feedback to me if this assisted in giving you a better understanding of epigenetics, and what could be done differently (three paragraph maximum).
Once you’ve completed your paper, you may turn it in to or a Broward College Tutoring writing service to provide feedback, revise (if needed), and then submit for final grading.

The post Title: Exploring Epigenetics: A Review of “Ghost in the Genes”

Part 1: Epigenetics is a field of study in genetics that focuses on how external factors can influence gene expression, or the way genes appeared first on around the clock essays.


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