For the discussion, you will identify a healthcare delivery issue for which there have already been research and development-based innovations and customer-based innovations. This will require scholarly research in peer-reviewed journals.
Related to that healthcare delivery issue, research and cite the following:
At least 1 research and development-based innovation
At least 1 customer-based innovation
Research and development-based innovation is the process of developing and commercializing new ideas, implementing new processes, or changing the way your business makes money or conducts business.
Customer-based innovation is the development of processes, technology, or ideas that improve the customer experience, outcome, or interaction with a business.
For your chosen healthcare delivery issue, complete the following:
Explain which innovation you believe was most effective (research and development-based or customer-based) and the reasons for your choice. You will expand on this innovation in the DB for unit 4.
Please use correct APA format for citations and references which must be at least 2 current (from within the last 5 years) peer-reviewed journals.

The post Title: Innovations in Healthcare Delivery: A Comparison of Research and Development-Based vs. Customer-Based Approaches

Healthcare delivery is a constantly evolving field, and as new challenges arise, so do new solutions and innovations. One such challenge is the appeared first on around the clock essays.


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