Here are the Final Assignment questions.
1. Describe how the equilibrium price and quantity of a good are determined in a market economy. Discuss the impact of government intervention, such as taxes and subsidies, on market equilibrium.
2. Analyze the different methods of equity valuation and discuss the advantages and limitations of each method.
3. Explain the relationship between bond prices and interest rates. Discuss the concept of duration and its significance in assessing a bond’s interest rate risk. 
4. Discuss how ethical considerations and professional standards should guide the management of the client’s portfolio, specifically in the context of conflicts of interest and fiduciary responsibilities.
5. Evaluate the role of corporate governance in the financial performance and valuation of a company. Discuss the mechanisms of corporate governance, such as board structure, executive compensation, and shareholder rights, and how they can impact a company’s risk and valuation
Your final assignment paper should be 5-7 pages in length excluding title, reference, introduction and conclusion page. Make sure to cite at least Five external resources in addition to the textbook.
You are required to follow APA 7th edition format for your final assignment paper.

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