Please share an “a-ha! moment” — this is where something clicks in your mind as you watch a film or read a text, where something suddenly makes sense in a new way or for the first time. It is sometimes also referred to as a “eureka” moment, a moment of discovery, or a moment where “a lightbulb goes off in your head.”
Describe at least one example of an “a-ha!” moment that you experienced when watching the documentary “The Cannabis Question”
1. Describe the moment/scene in the video and why it was an “a-ha! moment” for you
A “muddiest point” is a point of confusion that remains in your mind despite watching a video or reading a text. It is often described as a “nagging question” or something that remains murky and obscure despite the video or text’s attempt to explain it.
2. Describe at least one example of a “muddiest point” that you continue to have after watching “The Cannabis Question” and explain what more you would like to know about this to understand it.
Peer Response
3. Do a little research (try to find scholarly or reputable sources) and help clarify a peer’s muddiest point, citing at least 1 scholarly source as evidence (provide source, using APA format).
Reply to classmate ”An “aha moment” for me was when the person who was a user of cannabis was told that when they discontinue the use of cannabis they can potentially see symptoms of brain fog and forgetfulness get better. It makes sense that they would see a change in their abilities since cannabis impairs their cognitive functions, when they are sober they get their abilities back.
The muddiest point for me was when the young boy who got seizures would take cannabis to relieve them and the mothers who took cannabis during pregnancy, which led to a negative impact on the baby. My point of confusion is that wouldn’t cannabis in both scenarios lead to long-term negative effects? Additionally, why would cannabis being illegal at the federal level limit research on the drug? ”

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