Using the topic: Prescription drug abuse, select an article related to your chosen topic published in a peer-reviewed journal (i.e., American Journal of Criminal Justice) in the last five years. The article must feature some form of research that develops a better understanding of an issue – opinion papers and editorials do not qualify.
Once identified and read your article, you are to write a three-page (3) summary and critique. This should include a description of what the researchers were studying, how they went about gathering the data, what their findings were, the implications of those findings, and any problems or limitations with the research. You will also be required to upload a pdf version of the article you selected. Please note you can easily save a copy by using the print option and then saving it as a pdf instead.
Requirements for Each Writing Assignment
To avoid point deductions, each paper must follow APA style and formattingLinks to an external site.. Each paper must consist of a minimum of three pages – not counting the title page or references section.
Your writing assignment must include these elements:
Title page (with proper APA-style formatting)
Introduction (ending with a thesis statement)
Summarize the research
Critique the research
Conclusion (based on your research and critique)
References section (with proper APA-formatting)
Sources, Citations, and References
Your paper should include the selected article only. In this assignment, which should be a discussion of the article, there should be ample in-text citations – such as (Torres, 2024) – throughout the paper.
Required Sections and Headings
The main body must be organized according to the following headings:
Introduction (ending with a thesis statement)
Research Summary
Research Critique

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