For this discussion, please complete the following:
Identify a topic that you find interesting..
Is this topic well researched, and is there a great deal of information published about it?
Be sure your topic is as focused and specific as possible. Think about using one of these types of format: The effects of ______ on _______ or What is the relationship between ____________ and _____________?
Why is it important to operationally define variables? Thinking about the topic you chose, what might be the variables you would use in your study? Try to identify at least one independent variable and one dependent variable, and provide an operational definition for each.

The post Topic: The Effects of Social Media Use on Mental Health

This topic is well researched and there is a great deal of information published about it. Many studies have been conducted on the relationship between social media use and mental health, and there is a appeared first on around the clock essays.


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