Wk 1 Blog: Health Care Fraud [Due Monday]
Homework Content
Health care organizations get audited on a frequent basis due to legal issues, including fraud. Becoming familiar with types of
health care fraud will provide you with a foundation for addressing future legal concerns.
Review the Health Care Fraud page on the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) website for a list of common types of health care
Review the Extra Help and Example for tips and added information:
Week 1 Individual Assignment-Extra Help and Example.doc
Assignment Deliverable
Write a 350- to 525-word blog post with your takeaways from this list of common types of health care fraud. Include the
following in your blog post:
• Describe items that surprised you.
• Explain the penalty for some of these fraud schemes.
• Explain if the penalty is fitting for the crime.
• Describe why health care organizations need to be aware of these fraud schemes.
A minimum of one (1) APA reference is required for this assignment. Format any citations and references used to support your
assignment according to APA guidelines.
Please note-PDF is not an acceptable form of assignment submission. Be sure to submit your assignment as a Word document.
Submit your assignment.


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