You choose a highly-debated topic for this essay to research, analyze, and build an argument around. This can be any issue you’re interested in, but ensure it’s a topic you can handle with academic professionalism. If there is a topic in which you are so emotionally invested that you can’t keep your opinion and biases out of it, then you need to choose something else. For example, most people cannot write about abortion without committing fallacies (you should have learned about these in the last unit) or bringing their spirituality/faith into the conversation, so topics like that should be avoided. Your essay should explore your chosen stance on the issue, but it has to be an informed stance (this is what separates it from opinion–research). But remember that just because you are building an argument around your viewpoint does not mean this is a personal essay. Ranting, claims not supported through reliable research/evidence, and discriminatory/inflammatory language or harmful extremist ideology will not be permitted–each of these offenses will result in a reduced grade. This academic essay explores a particular perspective on a widely debated topic, not a social media post. Any claims must be supported through reliable, scholarly research. Also, this is not an informative essay—you must take a stance on your chosen topic. For example, suppose my topic is whether or not AI has a valuable place in the classroom. In that case, I need to argue either FOR the ethical incorporation of AI in education or AGAINST it. Essay Requirements: MLA Format; The well-developed, debatable claim that explains the topic, how the subject will be addressed, and why the topic is important/relevant to our lives; At least one quote from each source that you found for your annotated bibliography (3 quotes total); Research should be limited to less than 20% of your paper. Do not let quotes/paraphrases dominate your writing. ALL WORK MUST BE ORIGINAL. SOURCES MUST BE PROPERLY CITED AND QUOTES/PARAPHRASES PROPERLY ATTRIBUTED. Quotes must be formatted per MLA guidelines. Minimum 800 words; The MLA Works Cited page must be attached. NOT the annotated bibliography.


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