You have been hired by Nike to examine their data associated with manufacturing products all over the world. Nike has a transparent process. They have a web page that shows where their products are manufactured. Here is the link: ( that web site they have a database. That database can be downloaded as an Excel file. I am attaching that file.Nike wants to know if they are meeting industry standards (best practices) for diversity in the workplace as it relates to male/female numbers and whether they meet best practices for number of supervisors compared to line working staff members. If there are not enough managers quality can suffer or costs can go up from less-motivated employees…but having more managers costs more money so it is a delicate balance. From the data can you see whether Nike is doing well and what they can do to improve. This entails doing some background research on some basic management and human resource issues such as scope of supervision. It also requires you to examine regionality/nationality and whether that comes into play when deciding whether Nike is doing well. Use as much data as possible to support your claim in your memo to me as the Director of HR for Nike. Nike manufacturing data set 2024 (


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